President Chamisa’s Popularity Increases
18 September 2020

*President Nelson Chamisa’s popularity increases as MDC Alliance invades Chivi South ahead of 2023 watershed elections*

As Mr Damba’s lobby for MDC T Mudzuri presidency in fortcoming EOC was rejected in Chivi South constituency

18th September 2020

Wezhira Munya and Kimberely Tariro Mamhende

Chivi South- The MDC Alliance national organiser Honourable Amos “Shumba Chikara” Chibaya said “The MDC-Alliance has embarked on program dubbed #”2020MunhuWese
Kumusha” campaign as a way of establishing structures and increase support base in the rural areas. As the MDC Alliance party is gearing up for the 2023 elections.

On the 16th September 2020 MDC Alliance leaders held a highly subscribed MDC Alliance Chivi south meeting.

The following MDC Alliance national leaders addressed Chivi South meeting: MDC Alliancd National women assembly chairlady honourable Mugidho, leader Matara,leader Chakabuda, leader Marava,leader Mavhaire and councillor Gilbert Mutubuki who is also a national youth leader.

Also, MDC Alliance Chivi South shadow member of parliament honourable Mhlolo attended this meeting.

MDC Alliance Chivi South chairperson Mr Ndekere said “MDC Alliance in Chivi South solidly behind the able leadership of president Chamisa and MDC Alliance party.”

MDC Alliance National women assembly acting chairlady honourable Mugidho informed the gathering that “MDC Alliance is intact and we are mobilising rural support in order to win 2023 elections. Rural constituencies hold an important vote that is critical to usher president Nelson Chamisa into state house.”

To win rural vote, recently, President Nelson Chamisa has appointed honourable Happymore “Bvondo” Chidziva as Secretary for rural mobilization.

At Chivi South meeting, MDC Alliance National youth leader councillor Gilbert Mtubuki encouraged MDC Alliance Chivi South youth leader to be United , recruit and mobilize youth and parents into MDC Alliance structures and as voters.

National leader Matara , thanked MDC Alliance Chivi South party members for supporting President Nelson Chamisa.

On the other hand, MDC Alliance National leader Chakabuda, encourage MDC Alliance party members “to fear not ZANU PF.”

Recently Zanu PF has been on the crusade of arresting MDC Alliance leaders in Masvingo who include MDC Alliance National youth organiser Godfrey Kuraone, MDC Alliance National acting women assembly chairlady honourable Mugidho and other 9 MDC Alliance Chiredzi West leaders on false charges.

Political analyst Kimberely Tariro Mamhende said, “Zanu PF is using intimidating tactics such as arresting political opponents such Godfrey Kuraone, Jacob Ngarivhume, Mrs Mugidho among other. This is satanic and uncalled for in mature democracy.”

Senator Marava, encouraged MDC Alliance members not to join MDC T party led by Khupe. He argued that MDC T led by Khupe is Zanu PF proxy employed by Zanu PF to destroy MDC Alliance.

On the other related story, MDC T presidential hopeful at the forthcoming extraordinary congress Senator Elias Mudzuri was rejected in Chivi South.

Mr Wiseman Damba former Chivi North MDC Alliance district treasurer led Mudzuri faction in failed campaign in Chivi South.

On source in Mwonzora faction that is contesting for presidency in MDC T said, “We successfully blocked some 2014 Chivi South delegates to attend Mudzuri factional meeting aimed at campaigning for Mudzuri as MDC T president. Mudzuri is trying to use “wezhira” tribal card to win Masvingo support. We are happy people took heed to our call to snub Mudzuri meeting in Chivi South.”

There is growing infighting in MDC T led by court appointed president Khupe.

MDC T presidential hopefuls Mwonzora, Komichi, Khupe and Mudzuri supporters have been engaged in both verbal and physical fights as extraordinary congress dates are drawing nearer.

In Masvingo, there 3 MDC T camps that are visible: Mwonzora, Komichi and Mudzuri factions.

Khupe faction is non-existing in Masvingo.

President Chamisa

However, all these three MDC T factions have few 2014 members who are allowed to vote at extraordinary congress as directed by supreme court.