Impala Car Hire Defies Court Order.
19 September 2020

Impala Car rental has reportedly defied a court order to turn over personal details of its client who hired out the Ford Ranger used in the abduction of journalism student Tawanda Muchehiwa.

This followed a High Court application which was granted for Impala Car rental to avail details including route maps used by the vehicle during the abduction of Muchehiwa.

The Sheriff of Zimbabwe executed the order on September 11.

“Respondent’s offices were attended and we spoke to Impala’s general manager Viola Chirata who said they do not have any documentation relating to the hiring of Ford Ranger AES 2433 since all the documents have been surrendered to Braeside Police Station.” the sheriff said.

Separately, Impala’s lawyers Mudimu Law Chambers wrote to the Sheriff stating that “the file was seized by police” and “the motor vehicle which you inspected has no tracker.”

This contradicts what Impala Car rental owner Thompson Dondo told SABC News that all his vehicles had trackers fitted to monitor how they are used by clients.

Yesterday, scores of journalists were attacked and had their cameras stolen while covering a press conference by the Zimbabwe National Students Union near Impala Car rental.

ZINASU student leader Takudzwa Ngadziore was heavily assaulted and later handed over to the police by plain clothes thugs who were hired to disperse the press conference.