MDC Alliance Students’ Council Condemns Abduction, Harassment Of Ngadziore
19 September 2020
MDC Alliance


The MDC ALLIANCE STUDENTS COUNCIL is deeply agitated by the continued persecution of Zimbabweans by the ZANU PF regime.

Takudzwa Ngadziore, ZINASU president who was recently arrested for merely asking for justice for Tatenda Muchehiwa was yesterday abducted by suspected state agents, butchered and left for dead.

His only crime was to demand answers from the impala car rental on the abduction of a fellow student Tatenda Muchehiwa.

The abominable ways of silencing the people which Zanu pf is using will always be abortive as it is the great crisis in the country that actuates the people to rise and speak.

Therefore we assure ZANU PF that its evil tactics to instill fear in people through abducting, torturing, unlawful arrests of members of the opposition and civic organizations will not stop the people’s revolution.

Surely the utterances by the illegitimate government that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe is just but nonsense.

The level of human rights violations is reaching its peak, people are living in abject poverty as the economy continues shrinking and falling into an abyss, accelerated by ZANU PF’s excessive looting.

A nation’s leadership that is only adept at brutalizing its people clearly indicates that it is not from the people but self imposed itself.

In Zimbabwe we are as good as leadershipless.

Our security forces know nothing about patriotism but act on a partisan basis.

Surely if we do not liberate ourselves, no one else shall!

#Ed and ZANU must go
#Zimbabweans lives matter
#Arise Students arise
#Zimbabwe simuka

MDCA students council SG
Hither Mpambwa