MDC Alliance Takes Mobilization Programmes To Rural Areas
21 September 2020
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MDC Alliance youths in Gutu

20 September 2020

By Nyahunda Struggle Desire

Any political conundrum in any unfolding environment is determined by the ettiquete and direction as guided by the supreme Bible of the organization which shapes now, tomorrow, future and forever. But how when the great sea and overflowing river is being overwhelmed by algae , pitfalls, and siltation from man made diversities which can be answered by smiling and walking on the solid rock despite the sour waters of Marah and Meribah.

Today(Sunday) marked a great day when the National Youth Leadership from Masvingo Province resolved to engage the communities particularly with a bias to mobilise the Youths to join and support the MDC ALLIANCE as led by one and only President Chamisa Nelson. This has seen the leadership from various districts like Masvingo Urban, Bikita, Mwenezi to mention just but a few attending the Youth Assembly meeting in Gutu Central in a bid to bring to a stop the long waited divisions which are over exaggerated and magnified on social spaces.

What happened and what transpired in Gutu central revealed that it is possible to move together as a team and an idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any whirlwind or any Machiavellianism. It is possible for youths to preach unity and in the process of fighting of elephants , grass suffers a lot, the future of the youths is being buried under metaphysical abyss and bottomless pit. Many a times it has been realised that the marital breakup of families can be rebuilt by the call from the children for parents to unconditionally settle their differences for the future of their kids. The only impossibility under the exchange of blows between the parents us for the children to take sides as this may escalate the fighting of the two.

Unfolding events revealed that youths can go an extra mile to help other wings unite. The take off was commendable and the Gutu Central community welcomed the event as the youths showed that they are ready to roll on sleeves and work for the benefit of the party without any differences.

National Youth Assembly Organising Secretary Kurauone Godfrey as the senior Youth member who was present attended the meeting with Leader Moses Mavhaire Tinashe heading the Gutu Cluster meetings. National leaders who attended includes Mwatenga Tettler (Secretary for Tourism and Hospitality) , Ngoni Mupfumba (Secretary for Environment and Climate), Mutubuki Gilbert ( Secretary for Lands and Agriculture), Moses Mavhaire Tinashe (Deputy Secretary for legal affairs). The high powered delegation visited the community with a clear agenda to hear the state of the youth assembly in the district, activities being done to mobilise support for the party President Nelson Chamisa, to hear the grievances from the district, and call for unity and an end from any divisions emanating from congressional disputes as this will affect the growth of the Assembly.

Only National Youth Leadership addressed the meeting and heard the grievances from the district. It was very clear that the program was far detached from any factional agenda.

Many other members from accross Masvingo as well attended and unity of purpose was shown. To dispell the notion sorrounding the rural engagement drive under the Youth Assembly Leadership as guided by the National Youth Assembly, the program was all inclusive and superb. Similar programs have been lined up accross the whole province to make sure noone is left behind. To balance out probabilities of any tension and as an embrace of partiality , the leadership was clear that the leadership crisis and youth problems from Masvingo will be resolved fairly as reiterated by President Chamisa during his last visit to the province.

The comrades who visited the district had great time after the meeting after a sudden stop at Chisheche where the community welcomed the programme with both hands and called on people to have such similar programs going ahead as these are major steps towards magnanimity and unanimity.

“`Milia passum iter incipit pes“`

Towards a United front in the resolve towards a *DEMOCRATIC DISPENSATION*

By: Nyahunda Struggle Desire
(Peace and Development Practitioner, writing on personal capacity)