“We Also Belong Among Those Who Have Ruined Our Once-glorious Zimbabwe,” MDC Alliance Heavyweight
21 September 2020

By Ben Manyenyeni  | I am a card-carrying member of the main political opposition in the country and a retired deployee from its elected spaces.

Our 21-year old movement, its leadership and us the cadres join many citizens in broadly attributing our country’s failure and collapse, quite fittingly, to the leadership of the one political party which has ‘presided’ over our tragic national affairs for over 40 years.

Besides their political identity those who have destroyed Zimbabwe have other identities which the many victims point at – occasionally – in their moments of despair and helplessness.

What we may have failed to appreciate fully in the past (AND NOW DO!) is that in the eyes of other victims of Zimbabwe’s failures we also belong (in some ways) ‘among’ those who have ruined our once-glorious Zimbabwe.

Let us appreciate the despair among those who feel that whether by numbers, age, exposure, education, region, tribe, language, culture, location etc etc they may NEVER be able to influence leadership or correct the wrong direction of this country.

To the extent that as an individual I belong to a location, a tribe, a language, or an age-bracket etc. that dominates the corridors of MISRULE I am guilty as charged.

Without even being in the levers of power I owe an apology to the doomed TEENAGER whose future is destroyed because in his eyes I am among his elders

Without even ever voting for this RULERSHIP I still owe some EDUCATED answer to an ILLITERATE granny as to why the ruling party is still holding the reins.

Without even any power to run national affairs in town I owe the sick VILLAGER in Dotito an apology for the lack of healthcare there.

Without even talking to a Tonga-speaking woman I am rightly associated with the failure by the dominant SHONA-speakers to run the country.

To my white compatriot it’s a black thing this crisis, it’s us blacks and our BLACK GOVERNMENT to sort out the mess.

To every ethnic or tribal minority citizen who sees you as being among the ruining majority, you are guilty with the DOMINANT numbers you are part of.

To people living with disabilities WE the able-bodied have failed our gifted selves and our country

To every victim in any minority calling us out………. YOU DO HAVE A POINT !!