Council to Champion Protection Of Wetlands
26 September 2020

Mayor, Councillor Jacob Mafume says council will continue to take appropriate measures to ensure that wetlands are preserved.

Mayor Mafume was speaking during a recent meeting with Harare Wetlands Trust and Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.

The two parties have been lobbying Council and Government to protect wetlands in the city which are the first port in the city’s water treatment process.

Clr Mafume said deliberate programmes are being put in place to protect wetlands.

“As a council, we will continue taking suitable action in making sure that the remaining wetlands in Harare are protected.

“We understand their importance to this city, especially considering that the city is built top of its water sources,” he said.

He said Council will conduct an audit of the trustees who own golf clubs at some of the wetlands.

Harare Wetlands Trust Coordinator, Julia Pierini, said wetlands are crucial to maintaining water sources hence should be protected at all costs.

“There is need to develop a policy that support the establishment and management of nature reserves on the remaining wetlands.

“We need to protect these wetlands so that they will be restored to their natural state.

“We are suggesting for these wetlands to be used as recreational parks, as this will prevent people from illegally building infrastructure and practising agriculture on the land,” said Julia.