Opposition Party PPPZ Leader Timothy Chiguvare Fears For His Life
28 September 2020
By Josiah Mucharowana- Opposition political party leader Pastor Timothy Chiguvare of Progressive People’ s Party of Zimbabwe( PPPZ) is fearing for his life in the wake of messages threatening unspecified action for his political activism.
As a result, he intends to beef up personal security.
“This now forces me to intensify my security because they are trying to silence me,’ he said.
Chiguvare who is based in Pretoria, South Africa confirmed he received threatening messages on Monday morning from a Zimbabwean number + 263 78 237 6450.
The message read:’ This serves to inform you that reports of you generating and forwarding divisive posts pertaining to the President of the Republic have been received and soon the external branch will heavily descend on you. Be careful’
” You’ll change underwears not a democratically elected government unconstitutionally,’
“We will stand tall to defend our incumbent government against unruly and anarchistic elements like yourself. Unbridled elements have no space in our society. We’ll use tools of our trade to annihilate you cousins of the devil”,
“You deserve no better place than hell in which you’ll be hobnobing with satan the master of confusion. Any attempt to overthrow our democratically elected government will be reciprocated by an equal force. Forewarned is forearmed. Beware!”
The former chief magistrate-cum- pastor-politician however remains unshaken and undeterred.
” Protests are allowed in all democratic countries throughout the world. When people are protesting , it does not mean that they are overthrowing a government but want their voices to be heard , that is what democracy means,” he said.
 ‘ Threats show that I am causing impact and they are threatened. We have great God who is faithful and he will lead and protect me,’ he said.
” They are running scared, that’s why they are threatening me. All their evil will soon end. In God we serve. Zimbabwe will change. All the evil leaders in Zimbabwe are running scared. They have nowhere to run, their day is coming,’ Chiguvare said.
PPPZ is an opposition political party in existence in Zimbabwe and duly registered half a decade ago. It operates from South Africa and is soon headed for a Congress to coordinate party organs countrywide.
The PPPZ is currently angaged in mass mobilisation of Zimbabweans resident in South Africa to make a contribution politically back in Zimbabwe by agitating for change by however means.
The party is riding on the promise of employment creation for Zimbabwe’s graduates as it’s foremost priority. It is hoping to revamp and inject fresh impetus in the agricultural sector which has potential to employ millions by running training programmes aimed at boosting agricultural production of both local and foreign markerts.
Currently, the Zimbabwean leadership envisage to grow agricultural activities into an US 8,2 billion sector by 2025.
Before the rather chaotic and controversial land redistribution excercise championed by the late Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe was touted as the bread basket of Southern Africa sufficiently feeding it’s populace as well as raking millions of revenue from agricultural exports ranging from beef, grain,  horticulture, epiculture products mainly to Europe and China.
Today, it is a pale shadow of its former self with the UN World Food Programme declaring millions of Zimbabweans in need of food aid.
Millions of the economically active youths have since skipped boarders citing political persecution and an economy in doldrums to go and work as menial labour in foreign lands especially South Africa and Botswana leaving scarce manpower to till the land.
PPPZ’ s Chiguvare is also on record promising free education for primary learners owing to high levels of poverty. Education, he says is key to unlocking the full potential of the country.
Zimbabwe used to boast a higher literacy rate on the continent with Mugabe providing free and affordable education to the youths soon after independence from British rule.
Of late the government has come under heavy criticism internationally due to its handling of opposition figures such as lawyers, journalists and political activists with opposing views.
Jacob Ngarivhume, award winning journalist Hopewell Chi’ono and firebrand lawyer and politician Job’ Wiwa’ Sikhala have been incarcerated for prolonged periods for their political activities shining a light on government corruption.