Brave Woman Crushes Rapist’s Genitals
2 October 2020

SHOW no mercy by pouncing on his weak point…

This advice that women can use to ward off potential rapists comes on the back of a would-be rapist and gold panner Godknows Ncube (20) from Inyathi who had his evil move thwarted when a quick-thinking 23-year-old woman violently grabbed and squeezed his testicles to avoid being raped in front of her son and twin sisters aged 10.

Ncube from Nkomo Village under Chief Khumalo learnt a terrible lesson that not all women are easy targets when the victim from Hambakahle Farm in Bubi grabbed his jewels and squeezed them very hard.

B-Metro gathered that on 8 September at around 10 am the complainant and her son and twin sisters aged 10 were fetching firewood in a bush near Hambakahle Farm in Bubi when they met the accused who was wielding an iron bar.

He greeted the complainant who responded and he passed them.

The accused reportedly walked a few metres and suddenly made a U-turn and struck the complainant with an iron bar once on the head.

After being attacked the victim fell down and Ncube choked her while pressing her down.

He then tore her skin tight and underwear. After tearing the woman’s pant and skin tight, Ncube is alleged to have pulled down his pair of trousers and went on top of her while threatening to hurt her if she screamed for help.

When he violently persisted to force himself on the woman, the latter continued to resist and struggled against him before eventually pouncing on his weak point. From her position, she grabbed his balls and squeezed as hard as she could.

In the ensuing struggle and after crushing his balls, the woman pushed away the powerless Ncube before she stood up and ran away.

After a few minutes, the alleged rapist followed the woman who was now running away and struck her again on the head and left leg with an iron bar before making good his escape.

As a result of the attack, the woman suffered deep cuts on the head and her left leg and was referred to Mpilo Central Hospital for treatment.

The matter was reported to the police and investigations later led to Ncube’s arrest and his subsequent appearance in court facing a charge of attempted rape. He is in remand prison awaiting his trial.-B-Metro