We’re Giving Govt 6 Days To Solve Teachers’ Issue: School Children
9 October 2020
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By Farai D Hove | ZANU PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa has opened war against school children who yesterday threatened to protest over the plight of their teachers.

Mnangagwa is on record several times saying anyone who demonstrates will be removed from the earth, literally.

Emmerson Mnangagwa

Yesterday, leaders of school children held a press conference where they announced: “We are going to peacefully demonstrate as children. As our constitution of Zimbabwe chapter 4:29 it allows every citizen to demonstrate peacefully…,” they said while saying they will present their letters to government.

They said, “We are fighting for Zimbabwean child.”

Responding to this Mnangagwa appeared to suggest that the children are being influenced by teachers. He said the Government will not be arm-twisted by striking teachers into succumbing to their demands, saying only those reporting for duty will be paid.

Teacher representatives are calling for a minimum salary of US$520 or the equivalent at the auction rate. However, the Government has indicated that it is not in a position to pay in US dollars given that the local currency has been reintroduced.

Mnangagwa told a briefing in Mutare on Wednesday that there was no going back in ensuring the smooth flow of lessons in schools.

“I have heard that after schools reopened in Manicaland, only 30 percent of teachers have reported for duty. Let me assure all of you that Government will never be held to ransom by the teachers,” he said.

He continued saying, “by failing to report for duty, they think they will push us to do what they want. No, we are very principled on that. However, we are happy that some have gone back to work.

“We will apply the principle that those who work will get paid. Those who are at home are not considered to be at work,” he said.

Teachers’ unions have vowed to continue with the industrial action as negotiations with Government.

Should he repeat his method, Mnangagwa is set to assault the school children, in the way he announced to the people of Mwenezi:

“We deployed soldiers to stop the protesters and they quelled the disturbances,” he said.

“Now they are planning more chaos, but we are telling everyone in the country that if you do not want peace, take part in the noise!

“Those that want peace, stay at home, so that we deal with those that want violence.

“We will sort them out. Those who come to you inviting you to the protests, tell them to pass, what you are saying has bad omens of Legion.”