Apostle Chiwenga: “Chamisa Was Never Designed To Win 2018 Elections…He Needs 5 More Years” | TRUTH or UTTER NONSENSE?
10 October 2020
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By Farai D Hove | The Harare preacher, Talent Chiwenga says MDC Alliance President was never designed to win the 2018 elections.

Chiwenga says Chamisa needs another 5 years to win any elections. Chiwenga makes his prophetic-opinion clear in a recorded sermon deliberated around the time of the 2018 polls.

He says: the people of Zimbabwe are going to be disappointed again, and people are going to ask, did anything wrong happen? Was there some vote rigging, some vote buying election engineering? I don’t know even myself I don’t know, what I know is the plan of God is not ripe. It is still being cooked, the person is not meant to lead this country this year, and tomorrow I am going to tell him that. I am going to see him, because ever since I gave him the prophecy, I talk to him. I talked with him on Thursday, he wanted to see me last week. I was not available, I couldn’t meet with him so I called him on Thursday and said can we meet now and he said … The person I am talking that is the beneficiary of the 2014 prophecy…

“He was not designed to win this election,” says Chiwenga. VIDEO LOADING BELOW…