BREAKING: ZANU PF Busy Planning Another Anti Sanctions Day 25th October
10 October 2020
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By Farai D Hove| ZANU PF is planning for another Anti Sanctions Day, scheduled for this month, it has emerged.

Patrick Chinamasa on Saturday

Announcing the development, the party’s Acting Spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa said they asking for public views on how the function should be held.

He said: “We welcome any suggestions from you in that regard; tell us how you think we should operate the day in regards of taking the message to every corner of the world that ‘sanctions are illegal,’ they should be removed unconditionally”

He added saying Zimbabwe didn’t come through democracy and so the MDC will never run the country. He said,
“we should also let the world know that these sanctions were called for by the MDC.

“Zimbabwe is a liberated country it did not come through the democracy.”