Mnangagwa Publicly Humiliated Over Alleged Looting of Trump’s Cyclone Money.
10 October 2020
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By Dorrothy Moyo | Emmerson Mnangagwa was humiliated during his last visit to the cyclone hit Chimanimani area. This is the reason why on Thursday he avoided the Ngangu areas, it has emerged.

Sources close to the ZANU PF leader announced saying, Mnangagwa and his member of parliament, Joshua Sacco were fearing humiliation during his flight to the area on Thursday.

The development led to the man ending up at Skyline Junction for his main do.

Asked for a comment on the matter neither George Charamba nor Nick Mangwana responded to questions, with Charamba in an earlier engagement saying, “how do you know he won’t? Are you the Chief Protocol who arranges his programs?”

In the below video, Joshua Sacco speaks at skyline junction.

“Ngangu villagers who booed Mnangagwa and Joshua Sacco down last time, were preparing to protest again over the disappearance of donor materials and funds meant for the construction of houses for the homeless cyclone victims…

“that’s why ED avoided Ngangu on his visit,” the source said.

Last year Mnangagwa became animated when he found out US President Donald Trump has donated more Ethan USD2,2 million.

Emmerson Mnangagwa after avoiding Ngangu