Paul Gorekore Says He Does Not Recognise Khupe’s Suspension Notice On Him
11 October 2020
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Paul Nyathi

Paul Gorekore

Drama continues to unfold in the Thokozani Khupe led MDC-T as the militant Harare province youth leader Paul Gorekore has dismissed as baseless a suspension imposed on him by party Khupe.

In a letter dated September, 30, Thokozani Khupe indicated that the party had suspended Gorekore for leading the take over of the party headquarters by the party youths.

The letter read as follows:

However, in a follow up press release, the youth leader dismissed Khupe.

The statement reads:

I note with concern my purported suspension by MDC-T Acting President Dr Thokozani Khupe. l need to make it clear that l remain Harare Province Youth Chairperson on the following basis;

  1. The purported suspension was done from a misinformed position. No person, official or staff member was barred from entering MRT House as alleged in the letter .

2.It is unlawful & unconstitutional to suspend a member of the Party for simply calling for unity within the Party and amongst its leaders.Calling for unity within the Party is not an offense as enshrined in the Party Constitution.

3.I am of the view that the purported suspension is because of my personal and democratic political choice of one candidate over another. This suspension is a mockery of my constitutional right to support a candidate of my choice ahead of EOC.

4.Other than being Harare Province Youth Chairperson. I am employed by the Party as the person responsible of all security matters at MRT House therefore my contract with the Party still exists and is still valid.

On behalf of the MDC-T Harare Province Youth Assembly I reiterate that there is need for our Party leaders to unite so as to have undisputed EOC. Failure to unite and allow all 2014 Genuine Congress delagates will lead to a disputed EOC.

Ahead of EOC National Organizer through his organizing committee should publish all 2014 Genuine Congress delagates list for the purpose of verification. The Independent team that will oversee or supervise nomination processes should be agreed by all candidates and published for scrutiny.

2014 Genuine National Executive and 2014 Genuine National Council should physically seat so as to agree set road map for EOC.

We will not allow a situation whereby few National Executive members who do not constitute a quorum make critical decisions via ZOOM ahead of EOC whilst congress delagates who are over 5000 are supposed to physically meet to elect a new leader .

I have instructed my legal representative to study the purported suspension and prepare an adequate response.

We remain in charge of MRT House as we await Court proceedings on the matter filled by 2014 MDC-T Secretary General Hon Douglas Mwonzora.

Any attempt to forcibly take over MRT House will be resisted and stopped.

We call for UNITY

On behalf of

MDC-T Harare Youth Assembly
Paul Gorekore Chairperson