The Real Sanctions Zimbabwe Is Facing: Corruption And Zanu PF
26 October 2020

25 October 2020

By Pafungeyi Gore

Zanu PF apparachiks have been moving around telling people that sanctions are behind the problems bedevling Zimbabwe.

Their propaganda machinery has reached another level by convincing unsuspecting SADC leaders that Zimbabwe is reeling from sanctions.

Their madness has been supported by setting aside the 25 th of October as the anti-sanctions day.

A closer look at the problems facing Zimbabwe points to corruption and Zanu PF as a system.


Corruption remains at the centre of Zimbabwe’s problems other than Western imposed embargo.

Just recently funds have been missing at the Ministry of Health. The corruption scandal claimed the scalp of Obadiah Moyo. His dismissal is a clear admission of the rote within the Zanu PF ruling elite.

His dismissal did not in fact end the corruption at the ministry as there are reports in the mainstream media of tender irregularities. Millions of dollars are lost due to corruption.

Ministers are first greased so that someone is given a tender. If those funds were used in bailing out our ailing industry Zimbabwe could have been somewhere.

Zimbabwe’s mines are fully operational and gold proceeds are shrouded in ambiguity. It’s not known where exactly the proceeds are going which points to corruption.

Chrome is being mined at full throttle in shurugwi and raw chrome is sold to the Chinese. Where the Chrome end up is known by the common man on the streets which indicates corruption and Zanu PF has the audacity to tell the nation that it’s raining when in actual fact it’s sunny.

Late President Mugabe admitted that 15 billion was missing from the diamond proceeds from Chiadzwa mine. The army is heavily involved in the mining of diamonds. Zimbabwe needs at least 10 billion US dollars to kickstart the economy which is far below the missing 15 billion.

Zanu PF

Zanu PF could even deny that they send soldiers that killed people on the 1st of August 2018. The evidence is there that people were massacred by soldiers in the streets of Harare soon after the 2018 harmonised elections.

The only person authorised to deploy the army is the president and no one else. The same president went on to set an enquiry which shows that he was in denial of his role in the bloodshed.

People are being abducted on daily basis and the government would talk of a third force . The army’s swiftness in apprehending the people who murdered a soldier in Chivhu shows a third force will not survive in Zimbabwe.

It is them abducting people and pretend as if they know nothing. The ignorance by Zanu PF to the issue of reforming the security sector is a sanction in itself.

The west is simply calling on Zanu PF to treat Zimbabweans as first class citizens in their own motherland. It’s really something that can be done for real which can help the country unlock it’s potential.