Marondera Nurse Diagnosed With Brain Tumor
27 October 2020

By Sikhohlisiwe Tsitsi Zamchiya Gurajena | We have our very own matron at Marondera Hospital, Hellen Chigwende who was diagnosed a brain tumor. I am forwarding some information of how it began and how desperate and stuck we are. It all started as abnormal behavior of wondering about during the night in early February 2020. She had two episodes of syncope cause in the following months. A CT Scan done on the 16th of October 2020 revealed a brain tumor measuring (2.9 x 2.7 x 2.1)cm and requires urgent surgery.

l am kindly requesting for assistance so that the operation can be carried out. Currently the budget is at USD $13 000.

Here are my account details:

Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe

Account number- 9140001396578

Account name- Helen Chigwende

CBZ Bank Zimbabwe Nostro

Account number: 09025075360014

Account Name: Helen Chigwende

Thank you in advance! God Bless!

To donate, well wishers can use the following link