Reality Check: President Chamisa Exposes Mnangagwa’s Lies About Sanctions
27 October 2020

Farai Dziva|Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa is deliberately lying to the entire nation as part of a calculated ploy to atone for his glaring blunders, President Chamisa has said.

Mr Mnangagwa claims the country cannot borrow from the World Bank because of sanctions.

According to President Chamisa, Mr Mnangagwa is bad borrower and the World Bank cannot support his administration financially.

“Mnangagwa tells supporters that they can’t borrow from the World Bank because of sactions.

Verdict: False. Mnangagwa cannot borrow because he is a bad borrower.

Their debt servicing record is very bad. They borrow and they don’t pay back.

First, they withdraw for themselves from the national account. The account gets depleted, and they raid people’s foreign currency deposits. The deposits get depleted and they now borrow from outside not to finance development but to fund their lavish lifestyles. To finance the construction of their huge mansions, purchase of fancy luxurious cars and purchase of women and opposition money mongers.

Nothing is reserved for Zimbabwe. That’s why the healthcare is in a mess. With such kind of corruption, I guarantee Zimbabwe can’t change as long the devil is in power.

A new government, totally free of Zanu pf, is the solution,” said President Chamisa in a strong statement.