Sikhala Blocks Khupe From Entering Harvest House, Extremely Naughty Video Piece By TaffyTheMan.
28 October 2020

By TaffyTheMan | Khupe: you cannot block me.


Sikhala: we do not belong to mdct we belong to MDC Alliance.

Khupe: ya keep lying to yourself ulimenemene. Ulimenemene Sikhala iMDC Alliance is not a political party. Everyone knows that. iHigh Court vele.

Sikhala: Aaah, iwe Thokozani, mapolitical parties are not created in the High Court. The MDC Alliance is the people’s party do you understand? Do you hear?

Khupe: Whatever Sikhala.

Whatever Sikhala and you and your boss iRule of Law igailithandi, know that you are illegal.

UKhamisa can keep his 2.6 million votes, mina I will keep my rule of law or the rule of law will keep me.

Sikhala: aah iwe Khupe, look at my face look at me straight in the eye. Do I look like I am playing games here?

I did tell you that I am giving you 3 seconds did I not?

Khupe: Aah, whose 3 seconds? Whose 3 seconds?

3 seconds is what you do in your bedroom wena siphukuphuku, man. Shut up!

Sikhala: haah damn it Khupe, you don’t tell me to shut up.

Khupe: Yeah Sikhala shut up.

Sikhala: you shut up.

Khupe: no you shut up.

Sikhala: Thokozani I said shut up

Khupe: no you shut up.