Zanu PF Looting Brigade In Panic Mode As Henrietta Rushwaya Gold Smuggling Scam Is Exposed
28 October 2020

Farai Dziva|The arrest of Henrietta Rushwaya for attempting to smuggle 6 kilograms of gold out of the country, has exposed Zanu PF’s lies about the cause of the economic crisis in the country.

This was pointed out by the MDC Alliance in a statement on Rushwaya’s arrest:

27 OCTOBER 2020

itsnotsanctions,its #smuggling that generated abject poverty in Zimbabwe, Mdc Alliance Namibia postulates.

The dramatic arrest of Henrietta Rushwaya , a Zanupf member and President of the Zimbabwe Miners Federation 24 hours after the unsuccessful Anti-sanctions Day is an act by factional fighters to prove that its not sanctions but senseless and barefaced corruption manifesting in smuggling the national cake to Dubai for their personal enrichment that has destroyed our economy.

‘Where do sanctions come in when one person grabs the gold worth US$366 000 per trip?’, asked Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu Branch Spokesperson.

During an executive meeting undertaken by Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu branch, the leadership emphasised that there was no space for primitive symphathy on targeted sanctions in our struggle for socio-economic transformation.

Moreso, we would like to make it categorically clear that sanctions must remain as long as Zanupf does not halt abducting progressive citizens, jailing objective journalists for unearthing corruption ,daylight looting of public humanitarian funds meant for our starved hospitals , poor schools and eroded roads. We are resolutely arguing that Zanupf should respect the rule of law and comply with the 2013 constitution.

They must be reminded that they are the unbearable sanction on the people of Zimbabwe who resoundingly voted for the change that delivers in July 2018, giving the political mountain (MDCA) 2.6 million votes.

We resolved to fight corruption as one of the targeted Big Fights in the national democratic revolution led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

The 53 year old , who is currently under arrest dismally failed to supply gold export approvals when she was confronted by tipped- off detectives from Minerals Flora and Fauna Unit (MFFU).

These are mere highlights pointing to the deep corruption rampant in Zanupf and other appointed government officials. Mdc Alliance Namibia is in tandem with other pro democracy organisations who subscribe to the view that its stinking corruption and gross misgovernance that push away prospective investors and abandons diligent teachers , doctors , nurses and other public services striving, scratching their heads for a single nutritious meal with dear families.

As Mdc Alliance Namibia, we are quite cognisant that sanctions are a direct response to gross human rights abuses.

They don’t target ordinary citizens thats why the United Kingdom,the U.S and the European Union continue to offer humanitarian aid in cash or in kind to alleviate the citizenry from Zanupf induced poverty.

British Ambassador to Zimbabwe said, “In 2020-21 we are providing 176 million US$ aid combating poverty, fighting #COVID-19, standing up for human rights and the rule of law”.

The corruption blight in Zanupf has taken our country back than the purported sanctions.

Instead of embracing ZIDERA ,they are undertaking celebrative galas in a futile attempt to shun targeted sanctions, Zanupf is an absolute joke.

The only sanctions that we comprehend are those imposed by the perpetrators of politically motivated arrests and abductions of dissenting voices.

Furthermore, Henrietta Rushwaya left her role as ZIFA CEO in complete disgrace in 2010 after she was strongly implicated in a match fixing saga popularly known as the Asiagate. Rushwaya and several ZIFA officials were accused of fixing international matches involving Zimbabwe national team between 2007 and 2009 while working with the convicted Singaporean match fixer Wilson Raj Perumal. They sold the country for self-aggrandisement, it becomes a mammoth task to believe that targeted sanctions are responsible for economic meltdown created by the clueless Zanupf regime. Our teachers are paid a slave wage of about US$ 20/30 a month , when they demand a living wage, they are told to Shut up!

Accused of being regime change agents. The greedy Zanupf politicians and their cronies are stealing US$100 million per month or more. These thieves must just go! before we even talk about sanctions because they are real sanctions.

In a nutshell, we demand that the Zanupf government should complete comprehensive political, economic and electoral reforms to set the stage for credible , free and fair elections in 2023. As part of our big fights,the return to Legitimacy and Democracy is key, we are already reclaiming our stolen victory in 2018. No 2023 without 2018, disputed elections must be a thing of the past.

We advocate for an independent Zec and an even political field.








Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya

Henrietta Rushwaya