Full Text: MDC Alliance Tears Into Chief Justice Luke Malaba
30 October 2020


30 OCTOBER 2020

Mdc Alliance Namibia lauds the illegally suspended Justice Ndewere and the resolute judges who unravelled incontrovertible evidence of the state capture of the judiciary system through an affidavit and a petition undersigned by diverse judges, written to Mr Munangagwa, citing Chief Justice Malaba as the threat to justice in Zimbabwe. It has been brought to the attention of those who were still doubting the weaponisation of the law by clueless Zanupf to settle political scores. The grieving judges made it clear that the capture of the courts is not a fabrication or trumped-up story, it is in fact the veracity.Our Judges are operating with extreme terror and trepidation given the current phobia which exists within the judiciary.

It is imperative for all social democrats to gear up towards earnestly requesting a fresh hearing of 2018 July rigged elections petition without the biased and partisan Malaba.

We also demand new court hearing for the case which robbed Mdc Alliance of its MPs who were unconstitutionally recalled by the Zanupf surrogates exploiting the captured courts.

Mdc Alliance Namibia advocates for the enactment of an objective and independent panel to investigate how the Chief Justice routinely interferes with Magistrates and their legal opinions through the Chief Magistrates’ office. The compromised Malaba must step down together with all tainted and corrupt judges.

Moreover, in the petition, the judges noted that elevation destitute of questioning and evaluation of superior personnel within the Judicial Service Commission implies that complaints fall on deaf ears as high-ranking ineligible officers of court are there to shield their jobs and the brawny or powerful perks that go with their handsome jobs. It is quite pathetic to learn that judges no longer trust their ancillary service providers as they are compelled to conceal their legal opinions for fear of being directed to alter these by the Zanupf official disguised as an officer of the court. Chief justice Malaba was incriminated in the affidavit by Justice Ndewere. He tried in vain to frog-march the patriotic Judge to deny bail to Job SaroWiwa Sikhala, the vibrant Mdc Alliance Vice-Chairperson and Prisca Mupfumira.

Moreso , he was sombrely throwing a monkey wrench in the autonomous Judges on the election petition from the People’s President Advocate Nelson Chamisa after a historic rigged election in 2018. The fact that the Chief Justice can tell the individualistic judges to change their sagaciousness must be confronted with equal measure. Zanupf must immediately stop their manipulation of the law using partisan judges, as Mdc Alliance Namibia, we advocate for sound judgements that come from commutative and self-governing judges.

Furthermore, the judges also unearthed what the Zanupf Chief Justice calls “judgement by consensus”, a euphemism for dissuading contentious judicial decisions. Basically, the Chief Justice has the final say on the Supreme and Constitutional Court judgements that are released giving him the evil power powers to victimise inferiors. These courts are therefore the Chief Justice’s courts where no judge has the effrontery to disaccord with him for fear of chastisement. There are also multitudinous direct battle royal of interest issues that we see every now and then in the judiciary system. It is this apparent capture of the courts that is being enjoyed by Zanupf surrogates led by Khupe and Mwonzora who decided to surrender the freedom project to Zanupf Satanists. We shall continue to demand an end to the politicisation of our justice system. #JusticeForAll #MalabaMustFall.

They are also the obvious failures where like is not treated with like. A complainant against Justice has been granted permission to discharge and it is clear that Chief Justice sent a personal emmisary to him schooling him on how to respond, this is clear judicial rot that needs imminent confrontation from genuine social democrats who subscribe to Constitutional Democracy. The designated delinquency deposition against Hon Justice Mabhikwa are identical to felony allegations against the Chief Justice when he was a Magistrate. This becomes an undoubted pointer to the historical state capture of the judiciary since independence. Zanupf abuses , butchers, rapes ,abducts and plunders the economy with impunity because they exploit the law to silence voices of dissent.

To sum it up, Mdc Alliance Namibia is demanding the independence of the judiciary to enhance political, economic and social equilibrium before the law. We demand that Zanupf must halt its weaponisation of the law. Malaba must resign now! The Judicial Service Commission must not be manipulated by Zanupf dictators who are desire to eat on behalf of the hungry masses.

Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya