Mnangagwa Surrounded By More Criminals Than Mugabe, What Next? Opinion
1 November 2020

BY DOCTOR STOP IT – The Standard Columnist

Mnangagwa surrounded by his security team and some ZANU PF heavyweights

It is now official. Zimbabwe has become a fully-fledged banana republic.Not that people did not know that we had become a banana republic, but events surrounding the arrest of one notorious Henrietta Rushwaya reflect that Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs in terms of people, who are determining our destiny as a country.

Maybe the rot started with the State House grab of 2017, but Zimbabweans were ready to give Ngwena and his fellow Junta PF members a chance, but what is now happening in the corridors of power makes one cringe in embarrassment.

Last week we touched on the subject of whether Mnangagwa was surrounded by criminals or if he was surrounding himself with criminals.

Up to now we are still not very clear. According to what has been written and not refuted, Mnangagwa is a relative of Rushwaya, a person, who has appeared before the courts numerous times facing charges of dishonesty.

We saw Henrietta during Mnangagwa’s inauguration after the coup where she was playing some official role and wondered what he thought about her history of appearing in court facing charges of dishonesty.

Maybe he doesn’t think anything about it. Or doesn’t care about that kind of history or background.

Maybe that is why we have another Rushwaya, who is reportedly a sister of Henrietta and presumably a relative to Mnangagwa running the show at Dead BC.

We guess there is no harm in getting roles and jobs for relatives.

We certainly won’t begrudge her getting the responsibility of heading the organisation as watching Dead BC occasionally requires one to have a huge pile of painkillers to survive the excruciating torture.

The lame excuse that Mnangagwa is being sabotaged has been peddled, but that is absolute tosh.It is time Mnangagwa took responsibility for the mess that he has been creating for himself.

The president or person occupying the office may not necessarily be a respectable individual, but the office should at all times be respected and be kept clear or away from embarrassing episodes such as the ones unfolding before us.

After having interacted with Robert Mugabe for many years, surely Mnangagwa should have learnt a lot about keeping the office respected and respectable.

Snake oil salesmen and other charlatans driving their vulgar Lamborghinis and Ferraris should not be seen anywhere near Mnangagwa.

The same should be the case with shadowy conmen from Asia, who pose as businessmen.

If a president is constantly surrounded by conmen and shadowy characters, people will soon conclude that he is of a similar disposition, rightly or wrongly.

In short, last week, Henrietta Rushwaya was arrested at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport after being found in possession of about 6kg of gold, which was reportedly destined for Dubai, where a lot of donations have been coming from of late.

These donations include a plane that we can use “anytime for free” and a lot of medical donations amid interest to donate to Auxillia’s Angel of Hope Foundation.

Could that gold have been going to pay for all those opaque deals and operations?

After all, did we not have a visit recently from a senior member of the royal family of the UAE where his intention and outcome of his visit were very opaque?

Back to sister Henrietta, after being arrested, they reportedly tried to bribe civil aviation officials, who had detected the gold.

What is even more intriguing is that Rushwaya was reportedly escorted to the airport with the gold by one of Mnangagwa’s aides.

At the airport, they reportedly sabotaged the CCTV system to ensure that their movements and activities were not recorded.

Here lies the problem.

Why would an aide of the president escort a gold smuggler? That leaves room for all kinds of interpretation with most people likely to link the office of the president to the smuggling attempt.

People will also be interested to know where Rushwaya and her team got the power and influence to turn off the airport CCTV.

No ordinary person can turn off or order the disabling of the CCTV system at an international airport as there are serious security implications.

Only powerful people can do that.

This is why the president and his minders should not allow shadowy characters access to him or his office.

Another development has torched off debates around the country and beyond.

Upon being quizzed about the source of the gold, Henrietta, who was the president of the Zimbabwe Miners Federation, implicated a certain Ali, who has of late been hanging around our minister of Mines.

Ali was then arrested.

We are told that one of the aides after being nailed, told officers that the gold belonged to Auxillia and Collins — the president’s wife and son.

Right or wrong, this should not be happening as it can only do untold damage to the highest office in the land.

Surely, the illicit export of our mineral resources is one of the clearest signs of being unpatriotic sellouts as this deprives the country of any revenue inflows and results in under development.

It looks awkward when the same people associating with the president have in the past been unpatriotic to the point of throwing matches involving the national football team, the Warriors.

It smells or looks like gangsters’ paradise.

It looks untidy, Comrade President. When you are the president and not a minister where you could hide behind Robert Mugabe the Bobster, you have to be seen to be squeaky clean.

Surrounding yourself with people or relatives with a propensity for scandal and criminal activities is bound to smear you with mud and hurt your legacy as people will assume the misdemeanours have your approval or indulgence.