“Robbed By The Rich As Zanu Pf Ward Councilor Donates Stock Feed To Rich Associates”
2 November 2020

Is something wrong with the name ZANU PF? Is it cursed or its just a party of ruthless, shameless hard core criminals who are after making money?

Two days ago ZANU PF ward councillor invited his business friends to come and “loot” government sourced stock feed from Murowa business centre for resale in Zvishavane town.

The stock feed was sourced by the government and meant for the rural people whose cattle are succumbing to the obtaining drought.

This was a noble idea considering the importance of cattle to the rural folks but this greedy and unsympathetic councillor saw a big gap of making huge bucks.

The government sourced stock feed was retailing at 6 USD cash (no bond no swipe but hard cash USD). 6 USD is equivalent to 600 zimdollars which is a lot of money to the poor povo.

The ward Councillor who is based in Zvishavane town invited his business friends to come and buy this cheap stock feed and transport it back to Zvishavane for resale.

The very same stock feed is now being sold at 16 USD to the very same poor rural folks who were robbed by the stingy greedy and unsympathetic councillor.

Is this the ZANU PF way of doing things? Is this how ZANU PF Councillors cater for the electorate? Is the First Secretary of ZANU PF aware of the shenanigans?

The very same ward Councillor is asking for huge sums of money for drought relief grain and government sourced agricultural inputs. Surprisingly these huge sums of hard cash go un-receipted.

The Councillor’s committee is known for selling looted grain and agricultural inputs. This has been happening ever since this crook councillor came into office and we have complained a million times but it seems he is the law himself.

But one thing for certain, he is tarnishing and de-campaining ZANU PF. Surely its a shame when shameless people rob the very same poor people who voted for them.

Down with shameless looters!

Murowa Ward Community