Zanu PF Infighting Escalates
5 November 2020

ZANU PF has axed and suspended some party officials for name-dropping, while investigations are underway to name and shame more such malcontents, the governing party’s acting spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa has said.

This comes as President Mnangagwa has declared zero tolerance to corruption, saying any corrupt person, regardless of political status or connections, will be arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the country.

The latest move by Zanu PF to crack the whip on wayward members also comes at a time when some unruly elements both within Government and the party have been abusing the names of the First Family to cover up their repugnant criminal activities.

Consequently, Chinamasa told the media yesterday that the revolutionary party will not hesitate to weed out people who abuse the names of the First Family, with action has already been taken against certain individuals.

“We have noted with concern that these name-droppers are abusing the names of senior leaders in the party, Government and the First Family. They allege that they are relatives of senior leaders and go about conning people in the name of our leadership.

“That should stop forthwith. Here at the party, we have fired some of these name-droppers, conmen and con-women who abuse the name of the party and leadership.

We challenge all media players to expose these fraudsters and extortionists whenever you come across them. In the next press conference after full investigations, we will name and shame them,” he said.-The Herald