Daring Wife Crushes Hubby’s Genitals With Metal Bar
6 November 2020

IF you’re a man in an abusive relationship, it’s important to know that you’re not alone.

A man from Matopo in Matabeleland South province is allegedly living in “hell” at the hands of his abusive wife whom he described as a “dangerous woman”.

Giveness Sikhosana who has since deserted his matrimonial home to stay with a friend in Bulawayo said he missed death by a whisker after his wife Sigezekile Ndlovu violently attacked his manhood with an iron rod causing excruciating pain.

He said he was rushed to hospital for urgent medical treatment following the brutal attack on his genitals.

Sikhosana opened up on the savage attack at the Bulawayo Civil Court where he was seeking a protection order against his wife.

He asserts that there was more to the abuse than being attacked with a metal rod on his crotch. He claims his wife also repeatedly threatened to kill him and was even sending her brothers to attack him.

“I reported a case of assault at ZRP Matopo against my wife Sigezekile Ndlovu. She used a metal object to hit me to an extent that I sought medical attention. She also hit my manhood with that metal object and I experienced serious pain. I survived after being attended at hospital. She is so dangerous.

“She is also sending her brothers to beat me up. She also uses vulgar language and is threatening to kill me. I have since moved away from our home and I’m now staying with a friend here in Bulawayo. I am no longer safe because of her violent behaviour and I’m therefore seeking a protection order against her,” said Sikhosana.

He begged the court to protect him by granting an order that bars his wife from assaulting and chasing him away from their homestead.

His wife, however, disputed the accusations. She said Sikhosana was the one who was economically abusing her and the children.

“I am opposed to his application. We had a misunderstanding because he was no longer maintaining the children.

After the misunderstanding he left home and I don’t even know where he is now staying. At the height of the misunderstanding he also assaulted me with a stick and axe handle and I retaliated.

“When he was asked by the elders what had happened, he lied that I tore his clothes. When he assaulted me, the elders advised me to report him to the police but I refused because he was going to be arrested. The elders later sat us down and reprimanded us,” stated Ndlovu.

Sikhosana dismissed his wife’s response saying she was disrespectful to him and his parents.

“I dispute the allegations of assault made against me. In fact, she is the one who assaulted me and I ended up going to the hospital. She doesn’t respect me as her husband. She doesn’t wash and cook for me. She is also not respecting my parents. She is always insulting them with obscenities indicating that she is not their daughter-in-law. It is also not true that I am not maintaining our children. I take care of them and I always send them groceries,” he said.

In her ruling presiding magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu ordered Ndlovu not to physically and verbally abuse her husband.-B-Metro