Police Shoot To Kill Innocent Mberengwa Man
7 November 2020

A police officer from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Support Unit allegedly shot and killed an innocent man by pumping four bullets into his chest in Mberengwa on Tuesday morning.

The victim, Lodrick Matsweru (26), was visiting a friend, Danidzirai Muzhanduki, at Village 3 Rudway in Chief Bvute’s area.

On the fateful day, Matsweru was sleeping when he heard a knock on the door around four AM. When he opened the door, he was met with a hail of bullets and died instantly.

The police officers were looking for an armed robber but opened fire without asking any questions or verifying the identity of the person who opened the door.

Reports indicate that police were looking for either Tichaona Muzhanduki or Doubt Chiponda suspected to have robbed a crew of a fuel tanker of some money.

The cops, some of whose names are in the hands of The Mirror allegedly tried to run away after the shooting but were blocked by angry villagers who had gathered at the scene.

It is further alleged that the robber had US$31 000 on him and the cops may have had an interest in that money.-The Mirror

Lodrick Matsweru