Honda Fit Owner Is My Uncle – MDC Alliance Councillor Denford Ngadziore
8 November 2020
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On Lucky Chikwanda the owner of the Honda fit that collided with Ginimbi’s car.

I send my uttermost condolences to the Ginimbi family, friends and Zimbabweans for the sad loss of this patriot. Other deceased Maona, Karim and Elisha, the families and friends.

Around 10am I was shocked to see a message in a family WhatsApp group that that my uncle, Lucky Chikwanda was the one driving the Honda fit which collided with Ginimbi. This afternoon l visited my uncle Lucky Chikwanda soon after being discharged from Parirenyatwa Group of Hospital.

He is the brother to my Late mother. Several checks were done at the Hospital but he still complains of some pain on both right arm and leg.

Acording to Uncle Lucky, Ginimbi was overspeeding on a steep curve and he tried to at once overtake three vehicles in front of him. When he was about to overtake the third vehicle the blue Honda fit which was being driven by Uncle Lucky which was coming from the opposite direction reduced speed and stopped in the middle of the road. It was during that time Ginimbi car collided with the Honda fit and immediately off road where it hit a trea before it caught fire.

In the Honda fit Khule lucky was in the campany of his male friend.

Please note that my uncle was not sent by anyone to cause the accident and is not a member of any political party. There are accusations being peddled on social media that the tragic death of Ginimbi and three others was deliberately caused by the driver of the Honda fit who was on agenda to cause death or harm the deceased.

My uncle is a Christian family man and has no such agenda to cause harm to anyone on this Mother Earth. Though he survived, he is actually a victim of overspeeding on a steep curve.

May the souls of the deceased rest in internal peace.

By Councillor
Denford Ngadziore