Gringo’s Last Words
11 November 2020

By A Correspondent- The late comedian Lazarus “Gringo” Boora died a grateful man.

The actor was admitted at Westview Clinic Zimre Park following the deterioration of his health last week and his Dr Johannes Marisa had said if all goes well he be discharged in seven days.

But fate had other ideas.

Dr Marisa had dismissed the rumours as fake news.

“I wish I could recover, it can only be God, he is the healer, and I have changed.

“I am seeing changes from how I came here, ipapa Mwari haasi kuda kutendwa zvedambe ka, akuda kutendwa chaizvoizvo.

“When I was at home I did not think I will be talking like what I am doing now.

“I was in pain. Some people even said they will help me, but some people always have rubbish claims, they are there to change everything from what has been said.

“Vanotaura nepasipo, but they will be pushing each other, iwe ndiwe wakonzeresa izvi, zvaunoona zvisina maturo, ndivanasatan vanenge vachingotaura,” he said.

Added Gringo:

“So some of these things, I keep quiet and ignore what we see on the social media.

“I still have a problem, but if I eat hot food, I can eat well, tiri kuwirirana chaizvo, ndoda kuti ndikamuka makuseni paya ndoti kachu kachu.