“I Want My Money”: Another Walter Magaya Victim Speaks
15 November 2020

By A Correspondent- A Zimbabwean woman based in South Africa has pleaded with Walter Magaya to refund back her money which he defrauded 4 years ago.

The woman said Magaya had promised to give her and several others stands but to date, nothing had materialised.

She said the self proclaimed prophet had stolen US$2400 from her.

She said:

“Can someone please tag Walter Magaya. Magaya promised to build me a house but it is 4 years now. Where is the house? Where is even the land that i am supposed to put the house on? please help me.. i have nothing, i do not even own a goat, a cow nothing.

I am almost 40 years old. i have 6 children. What legacy will i leave my children? How do you (Magaya) host such a lavish party and fail to give me US$2 400 for a period of over 4 years? How do you rob the poor? Why do you rob the poor?”

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