“If Demonstrations Are Not Allowed, They Are Not Allowed”: Zanu Pf MP
15 November 2020

By A Correspondent- A Zanu PF MP has warned youths that they will be beaten up and arrested by police if they try to air their grievances through demonstrations.

Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe legislator Prosper Machando said this while addressing a National Association of Youth Organisations’ (NAYO) youth meeting in Harare last Thursday.

He said:

Adding a voice to national issues is not bad but very good so that we are heard, but the way we do it is questionable. If the government says demonstrations are not allowed, they are not allowed and if you demonstrate, you will be beaten up and arrested.

… We cannot lie to you so you praise us here when we all know if you get onto the streets, you will be beaten up.”