Fuel Mogul Loses US $ 5000 To Robbers
16 November 2020

Fuel mogul Philip Mapfumo who runs Doczine Fuels in Masvingo is lucky to be alive after more than five armed robbers stormed his two story house in the leafy suburb of Rhodene and got away with US$5 300 and R300 at around 7pm tonight.

Mapfumo told The Mirror that the incident took about 15mins as the armed robbers got entry after gunning down part of the perimeter wall and gained entry.

“The robbers who were heavily armed gained entry after gunning down my durawall and asked my children my whereabouts as well as my wife, fortunately I was around and I was seeing all the drama from my bedroom.

I threw the money I had in the bedroom and hid in the toilet after firing a shot using my Star pistol, I quickly surrendered and they hit me on the forehead and I was injured slightly on my hip,” Mapfumo told The Mirror.

The armed robbers shot the CCTV screen but failed to gun down the recording video.

Mapfumo told The Mirror that several shots were fired until he surrendered fearing the safety of his family.

He said he called a number of neighbours including his wife who was in Harare but later surrendered his cellphone to the vicious armed robbers.

When The Mirror crew arrived at the residence which is along Cary Street there were more than 30 armed Police details.

Mapfumo said the armed robbers debated on whether to tie him up or not but as they were doing so a CID seagent Thulani Sibanda arrived and fired warning shots, sensing danger they left him and bolted away through the gunned down entrance.-The Mirror