Senior Harare City Council Employee In Trouble For Turning Office Into Bedroom
18 November 2020
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The suspended Harare City Council Human Capital Director Dr Cainos Chingombe who is reportedly poised to return to work is now facing a litany of sexual abuse allegations, this publication can reveal.

The revelations of Dr Chingombe’s sexual abuses are in a letter written by a former student attaché to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission(ZACC) to institute investigations against her former boss.

“In 2010 through a relative, Mrs Priscilla Charumbira who was a senior employee at Cleveland House, I got the opportunity to do my attachment at the council’s finance department housed at Rowan Martin building.

“It was not long before I was mysteriously transferred to Town House were Mr Chingombe turned me into his sex slave,” she narrated.

“I travelled with him to almost all workshops ,while many saw it as a favour so I earn extra income through allowances and make ends meet, Chingombe saw it as an opportunity to violate me, and violate me he did ,using intimidating tactics that came with job, as he portrayed himself as someone who could hire or fire at will,(sic),”added the former attaché.

She says after hearing of Dr Chingombe ’s sexual escapades with other female employees , she reported him to the police but could not pursue the matter because her relatives were against it .

“After learning that his office was the bedroom of many female employees, both students and the seniors I gathered enough nerve and reported him to Harare Central Police station as I was nearing the end of my attachment.

“He caused a public fight with his secretary and another Harare employee by the name Dorothy Hombarume as he was sleeping with both of them, both are still at council and can verify when contacted as they later realised they are both victims.

“My relatives were highly critical of this move which led me to abandon my Finance degree and relocate to South Africa,” she cites.

The former Chingombe subordinate believes that her boss did possess ‘political and financial power’ which made her case be swept under the carpet hence seeking ZACC to intervene.

“Having knowledge of his political and financial power, and being neglected by relatives because of the report I made ,I had no choice but to flee. As a lady I feel I was humiliated and abused through the help of South African women’s organisation I wrote several complaints to Harare Council, Police General Headquarters, former First Lady Grace among many other institutions and persons highlighting Chingombe’s abuses.

“It is against this background that as a private citizen entitled to all the rights enshrined in the constitution and having faith in your institution that I call upon the anti-corruption commission urgently Chingombe and his associates,”.

The victim claims that what prompted her to open up on these sexual abuses after hearing of the imminent return of Chingombe.