Another Car Burnt Up in Flames Exactly 6 days After Ginimbis car Accident – Harare
21 November 2020
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The burnt car after the successful rescue

By Isheanesu Mutyambizi I A car accident occurred along Steppes road in Harare, trapping three females who were quickly saved by two passerbys.

One of the rescuers, Mr Gugulethu Gumpo (pictured below)

One of the rescuers Mr Gugulethu Gumpo

managed to save the victims before the car started to burn after it had hit a tree. 

The Greendale fire bigrade was quick onto the scene and managed to put out the flames, and the Harare ambulance services responded early providing treatment.

The victims were three young girls, with the eldest 18 years old and they didn’t suffer any major injuries. 

This incident might put to rest the conspiracy theories about the late businessman, Genius Kadangure also known as Ginimbi of assassination.

Mr Gumpo spoke to Zimeye in the following interview

“There is a gentlemen we assisted and I only realised when we had done that we assisted to get one of the three ladies out so I need to get those facts clearly so that when you are now giving the story its straight forward and its clear and the exact truth of what happened.

“I pulled two out of three …. There were three passengers… I pulled out the driver and one the people should have been the young sister or the brother I don’t even remember.
“They were young, one of them, I can say at least two of them were minors, the third one, I am not sure, the older one who was driving, I wouldn’t be sure I cant say she older than 18, definitely, I will be surprised if she is over 18.
“The one had issues with her angle, well I am not sure, I am not a doctor, I wouldn’t be sure if it was a dislocation or what I am not sure, the other one was complaining of the knee and some scars on the head and I guess a concussion I am not sure because I then performed first on them but this is what I can tell you.
“When it happened there was, you know you can a smell that there is smoke here and any moment this thing….
“I can put at around 10 minutes
I can say this accident happened kuma to 5, lets put it at 20 to 5”