Dictatorship Must Go-President Chamisa
21 November 2020
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Tinashe Sambiri|MDC Alliance leader, President Nelson Chamisa has described the barbaric killing of innocent citizens by the authorities in Uganda as alarming and unacceptable.

According to media reports from Uganda, 28 civilians were shot dead by Ugandan security forces on Friday morning.

In a brief statement released on Friday, President Chamisa condemned the ruthless killing of civilians in Uganda.

“Disturbing news from Uganda.. All Dictators like Yoweri Museveni abuse the military to kill innocent civilians, victimize People’s leaders like Bobi Wine.

Dictators think they are invincible until they are swept away by the winds of change.

None of them learns from the debacle and tragic end of the other!The killings and political developments in Uganda are a real cause for concern. Dictatorship must go in Africa,” said President Chamisa.

President Chamisa