Why President Chamisa Should Not Associate With Mnangagwa
27 November 2020
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By Peter Mupondi

Is it possible for President Advocate Nelson Chamisa to be close to Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa?

●Zanu PF has a system which is eating its own key members.

What guarantees the safety of Chamisa who opposes it?

▪︎We can’t all be stupid to believe that General Mujuru died of a candle flame. He was a key member, yet he perished and nothing was done. People moved on!
▪︎We cant all be stupid to believe that Air Marshal Perrance Shiri died of Covid-19. It doesn’t kill instantly, we all know Covid-19.

What about the other Colonels who followed! People moved on!
▪︎We can’t ignore the fact the General Chiwenga survived polonium poison and he had to return nicodemusly without even telling his number 1!

▪︎We have a series of suspicious accidents that claimed the lives of key members that we all know.

Chindori Chininga, Moven Mahachi, Brigadier Gunda, Eliot Manyika, Border Gezi, Peter Pamire…. the list is endless.
▪︎Matemadanda who is their political çommissar (Vatete vomusangano) the auntie of the Party, has just survived food poisoning, but the damage has already been done, he will go slowly! We are waiting for his reaction…

▪︎What about abductions and assassinations?

●If the system kills those who support it, what then guarantees the safety of President Nelson Chamisa who opposes it?

We need reforms!

Emmerson Mnangagwa during the Gukurahundi era.