Tocky Vibes Turns 27
29 November 2020
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Tinashe Sambiri|Popular contemporary musician Tocky Vibes, whose real name is Obey Makamure is now 27.

See below a congratulatory message posted by Legendary Family :

Happy Birthday Shout To Tocky Vibes

Tocky Vibes was born Obey Makamure on 29 November 1993 in Rugare Suburb, Harare.

He began singing at a very young age where it all seemed like a joke until he released a single called “Tirikumhanya”.

He was moved to rural Masvingo where he had to make a living, as things were difficult for him.

He returned to Harare in December 2012 and picked up where he left off, only to find that things were not so easy.

Tocky Vibes then moved to Rusape where he found a job as a herd boy, and would later find that the amount of signing gigs increased for him in Harare and he’d travel frequently.

Tocky Vibes