Govt To Pay Funeral Expenses For Volunteer Rescuer Who Fell Into Mine Chasm
30 November 2020
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By Jane Mlambo| Government has assisted towards the burial of a volunteer rescuer who fell into the open pit while attempting to retrieve over 20 miners who were trapped at Ran Mine.

The victim Wellington House fell into the the tunnel around 6pm on Saturday while assisting in the rescue mission that has not yielded results to this day.

According to Information Secretary Nick Mangwana, a coffin has already been supplied as well as food items for feeding mourners.

Nyaradzo Funeral services has also donated tents and mobile toilets for use during the funeral.

“The Hero Rescuer who fell into Ran Mine tunnel, Mr Wellington House, will be buried with Govt assistance. A coffin has been supplied, as well as various food items for feeding mourners. Nyaradzo has donated tents and mobile toilets for use,” said Mangwana.

Asked if government is relying on unskilled volunteers during the rescue mission, Mangwana said professionals were on the site adding that equipment and expertise had been sourced from all over the province.

“There are professionals on site. We also have equipment and experts from different mines within the province who have come to help including Chinese companies and their workers. Some of these professionals who are volunteering their skill and equipment are called “volunteers,” added Mangwana.