Zim Social Media Abuzz With Young Kenyan Girl Sipping Coke, “The Picture Only Makes Us Happy, There Is Nothing We Can Do,” Coca-Cola Says.
30 November 2020
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Paul Nyathi

Zimbabwe social media was over the weekend abuzz with beautiful images of a young Kenyan girl enjoying drinking Coke.

The local social media immediately set up a challenge to make the young girl popular until the Coca-Cola company recognised her.

The girl was however long “recognised” by the Coca-Cola Company in May when it bowed to similar online pressure in Kenya however stating that the little girl warmed many hearts including their staff.

The pictures of four-year-old Joy Jebiwott, in a traditional African set-up, said to have been taken by Daggy Shy, a Baringo born photographer, prompted Kenyans to launch an online campaign to have the multinational soft drink giant adopt the girl as their brand ambassador.

However, the company, in a statement, said they have a policy of not using anyone below the age of 12 years in marketing.

“This is pure happiness. You’ve made us smile by sharing this beautiful image. As a company we have made a decision not to use children under the age of 12 in our adverts and marketing worldwide, but we do love seeing the creativity and passion for our brand,” the company said in their statement in May this year.

Earlier, the father of the girl had expressed his joy with the viral photos saying he has no reservations with the company working with his daughter.

“If it is possible for her to be made a Coca-Cola brand ambassador, it is okay,” Jacob Keror, the father of the girl stated.

The firm’s responsible marketing policy clearly states out that they do not design their marketing communications in a way that directly appeals to children under 12.

“Specifically, we will not use, in any communications created after the date of adoption of this policy: Celebrities or characters whose primary appeal is to children under 12, with the exception of brand equity characters already in use…Licensed merchandise whose primary appeal is to children under 12. Images of our products being consumed by children under 12 without an adult present. We will not feature any children who are, or appear to be, under 3,” Coca-Coca policy published on their website states.

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