Exposing Lies Peddled By Zanu PF About MDC Alliance Youth Assembly Congress
3 December 2020
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By: Nyahunda SD

The detractors have gone rampant to the extent of creating malicious stories against a people and several institutions in a bid to soil the images of organisations and other people. The reasons and and intentions are best known by themselves and those peddling falsehoods. It is very unfortunate finding the shock of our lives to wake up Sunday morning reading malicious stories from the state apparatus and media pundits attempting to soil the smooth process of MDC ALLIANCE YTH ASSEMBLY CONGRESS which was conducted on the 28th of November at the provincial party offices.

We read the disturbing news that the Congress was funded by Non Governmental Organizations amongst them MACRAD ( MASVINGO CENTRE FOR RESEARCH AND DEMOCRACY) and COTRAD which is not only a creation but manouvres by the enemies of change to regard MDC ALLIANCE as a donor funded party. The two mentioned organizations are not in any way associated with the MDC ALLIANCE party , what we might only share is selflessly working for the communities and a vision to see a better Zimbabwe where everyone who calls it home living in harmony and peacefully. MDC ALLIANCE is an independent entity and it’s funding comes from it’s millions of supporters and well-wishers. We have subscriptions and individual leaders within the party who contribute towards any Noble cause and thus attempting to link or regard our YTH ASSEMBLY as an extension of Civic organizations is the latest onslaught on the image of the party especially by implicating the members who are helping the communities with all their will and bridging the Gap that our government is failing to fill.

The Masvingo MDC ALLIANCE YTH ASSEMBLY CONGRESS was funded by the party. Members hired their transport and had to converge for that noble cause which was outstanding for nearly two years. The Congress saw Masvingo uniting and coming up with it’s substantive leadership which we all know the regime was happy seeing a disunited Assembly as they tried to divide and rule the people.

It is from this point of departure that I enequivocally avd strongly denounce the attempt to soil the Civic organisations for the best reasons known to those peddling such falsehoods.

As much as I understand, there was an attempt to bar COTRAD from operating in MASVINGO district sometime last year through the regime hands and the latest attempt to link up MDC ALLIANCE programs with COTRAD is the latest attempt to push selfish agenda which only exists in the myopic minds of few fools and mendacity coming from unholy alliance of baboon and monkey kingdoms.

It was difficult bringing our Yths together to the Congress and our lorries were at times impounded. The regime was trying by all means to make sure our youths do not reach the venue of the convergence. Teargas smoke replaced the air space and gunshots were heard in an attempt to silence the voice of reason. These manouvres were only aimed to make sure the Masvingo Youth Decide Agenda does not come to fruition. It was however an exercise in futility as the substantive executive was put in place on the day against all evil alliances.

Therefore, the creation of such falsehoods trying to implicate Civic organizations is a desperate attempt by the cabal which failed to prop up its agenda and what is happening now is diversionary tactics of a regime heading metaphysical abyss.

Together stronger

Towards magnanimity and unanimity

Nothing will stop and idea whose time has come.

Towards an egalitarian society which is possible during our lifetime

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