Bubi Granny Dies At The Age of 103
12 December 2020
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WITH her departure at the age of 103 her family feels like they have lost their shelter and cornerstone.

Gogo Maida Moyo a mother of four, grandmother of 35, great grandmother of 54 and great great grandmother of 25 died on November 23 due to old age and shall always be remembered for her great works. She was buried at her rural home in Siganda area in Bubi District, Matabeleland North Province.

She was born on June 23, 1917.

Her family says her departure has left a huge gap in the family as she was a mother figure to all.

Her grandson Mr Thembalami Mpofu who stayed with her till the time of her death said Gogo Moyo was a woman of integrity whose principles were deeply rooted in the word of the Lord. He said she always emphasised the importance of self-discipline and respect for elders.

Mr Mpofu said Gogo Moyo was the glue which kept the family together and she also emphasised the importance of creating and maintaining strong family bonds.

“My grandmother’s death has really left a huge gap in our lives. It was a great pleasure to have someone of her age and level of wisdom live among us. We really felt this warmth and comfort in her presence. Now that she is gone we feel that our shelter that had been protecting us over all these years has been removed.

“My grandmother played a huge parental role in our lives. A number of families under her lineage no longer have mothers and fathers and she had assumed that parental role to many of us. Everyone loved my grandmother because of the kind of woman she was. She always preached the gospel of being disciplined and respect for elders.

She was a devoted Christian and she derived her life principles from the word of God. She constantly reminded us of the importance of walking in the Lord’s ways. She also emphasised that we had to pass these teachings to our children and great grandchildren who would also pass it onto their children,” he said.

Mr Mpofu said he recalls that towards her final days, Gogo Moyo loved singing Christian hymns. He said although she had lost her sight his grandmother never lost her charisma and positive outlook on life.

Mr Mpofu said Gogo’s Moyo’s lengthy life was a true indication that she took good care of her health. He said it was now rare to have someone live up to that age.

He said while her burial was held under strict Covid-19 regulations people from all walks of life turned out in numbers to bid farewell to Gogo Moyo and to celebrate her life.

Her great grandchild, Mr Bethel Noko said there was never a dull moment with Gogo Moyo. He said there were a number of life lessons which he got from his great grandmother which he would always cherish and apply in his life.

“My great grandmother preached the importance of unity within the family. She taught us to value each other always regardless of socio-economic status. In our family we value and cherish family gatherings and visitations as a result of her teachings. Despite her old age we made sure that she attended each and every gathering and it was always a great pleasure to have her around.

“My grand grandmother always emphasised the importance of being content with who you are although she also urged use to aim higher. She always spelt it out that she didn’t envy anyone or anyone’s possessions as she was content with what she had and what she had achieved.

She liked to use the word ‘fethu’ when addressing someone which she derived from the word ‘bafowethu’, which shows that she never viewed anyone as a stranger,” he said.

Mr Noko said he recalls that during her last days his great grandmother loved goodies. He said she enjoyed eating sweets, cakes, chips, yoghurt and other delicious dishes.
He said due to her old age Gogo Moyo was experiencing a number of illnesses such as hypertension, constipation and also suffered a mild stroke in July because of the cold weather but doctors always marvelled at how strong she was and her good state of health despite her old age.

Mr Noko said in the greater part of her life Gogo Moyo hardly complained of any ailments as she took very good care of herself and her health.

Gogo Moyo was married to Hloko Moyo who passed away in 1993. She stayed in Siganda area and then moved to Ntabazinduna area in 2011 where she stayed with her daughter.

In 2018 she moved to Cowdray Park suburb, Bulawayo, after her daughter had passed away where she was staying with her grandchildren until the time of her death.

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