Tenants Take Advantage Of 80-Year-Old Granny, Refuses to Pay Rent
12 December 2020
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By Harare Residents Trust| An 80-year-old citizen, Mary Usher and living with blindness, has had some serious challenges. Tenants have taken advantage of her advanced age and refused to pay rentals. Through the help of the Cranborne Residents Committee, two of the tenants have been successfully ejected from her house, but one stubborn tenant remains. All legal processes were taken, and now the Messenger of Court has demanded US$340 or ZW$20 584 in order to execute the eviction of the remaining tenant. Her only daughter is in Cape Town, SA and cannot come at this time due to COVID-19. Mbuya Usher largely survives on rentals paid by her tenants, if she is lucky to have paying tenants.

It is most unfortunate that we have people who exploit the elderly to live off her without paying anything for staying in her house.

Our expectation is that senior citizens of Mbuya Usher’s age should be assisted without making them pay huge amounts of money in order to execute justice. The residents’ leadership are therefore knocking on the doors of government offices to request them to waive the requirement to pay the Messenger of Court in order to execute a court order to evict a troublesome tenant.

For further details please get in touch with Frank Dembetembe, 0772335904 (Chairman), Wilson Namusi, 0773773525 (Secretary) and VaMatore, 0718 075 172, a member of the Committee. Their Committee wants justice for their senior citizens. They are urging young couples out there not to be irresponsible when staying at elderly people’s homes.
What is your take on stubborn tenants who refuse to pay their monthly rentals, and leave when they are given notice to vacate someone’s property? They want free accommodation.