Health Ministry Says Covid-19 To Remain With Us For The Next Three Years
13 December 2020
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Paul Nyathi

Portia Manangazira,

The Ministry of Health and Child Care says the deadly Coronavirus is likely to remain with us for the next three years.

Portia Manangazira, the Health and Child Care ministry’s director of epidemiology and diseases control, on Friday said there was need for Zimbabweans to remain vigilant as Covid-19 would remain a threat to public health for some time.

As of Friday, Zimbabwe had recorded 11 127 Covid-19 cases with 9 253 recoveries. The country has seen 305 deaths.

Manangazira told the Zimbabwe National Practitioners Association annual general meeting in Karoi on Friday that there was a risk of a second Covid-19 wave due to increased travel during the festive season

‘‘Covid-19 is still with us for the next two or three years,” she said.

“We must wear masks, regularly sanitise for our own good health. We must share information and researches so that we get solutions. Scientifically, efforts are being made to find medication.

“As Zimbabwe we remain on the forefront to do the best out of it and help get medication with traditionalists playing a critical role for medication.

“Let us value our cultural ways so that we can collaborate and make researches that can be accepted globally to cure Covid-19.”