“President Chamisa Has Vision To Lead Nation To Prosperity”
29 December 2020
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Tinashe Sambiri|President Nelson Chamisa has the vision to lead the nation to prosperity, MDC Alliance Secretary General, Hon Charlton Hwende has said.

“Underestimate this man and the MDC Alliance at your own peril.

The Leader and the Party has a vision and a road Map to a People’s Government that we were given by our Last Congress.

Fighting a military dictatorship and a vampire State like the one led by ED requires a visionary leader who is Brave, Principled and does not waiver.

He refused to be bought by Zanu-PF that wanted to give him offices, money , body guards and a leader of official opposition title because he won the election and the people’s vote must be respected. Ultimately it’s about the people and the People know their genuine leader.

Lastly you can make jokes about his faith but God must always be praised and worshipped,” Hon Hwende said in a statement.

President Chamisa