EXCLUSIVE- Mwonzora Interview Over WhatsApp Chat Leak And Prime Minister Job Allegations
1 January 2021
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NYAMASVISVA: I have run out of data. And fuel as well.

MWONZORA: That alone shouldn’t worry you Comrade we are well oiled this time I will send you ten GB data. You need to stay tuned.

NYAMASVISVA: But SG do you see MDC winning any election without toddler apa?

MWONZORA: We can do without him and we will be able to have a GNU set up imagine Comrade when Simboti becomes a Prime mnister, we’ll create jobs for those we are working with Same as Chamisa he will also promote those on his side.

MWONZORA: But it is very fortu-nate on our side that HE the head of state is on our side do (sic) we’ll never lose this battle to Chamisa, Biti, Ncube, Kore the list is endless but we need all the Provincial Structures, MPs, Senators, Councillors as well as the wards. No chete ndivo vanofanira kubuda mu party then taenda no nyika Nyamasvisva.

NYAMASVISVA: Okay I have received the bundle Mr SG thank you Ngawa tipe mari dze COVID-19 idzo tirwise IvIDC ALLIANCE takaguta hedu isu.