“Prophet” Returns From Ghana With New Love Herb
4 January 2021
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Own Correspondent|
Masvingo based controversial preacher Isaac Makomichi, who has been out of the country for nearly 2 weeks has resurfaced amid claims he had gone into hiding following skirmishes with leaders of a satanic church.

However, Makomichi has claimed he had gone to Ghana for a fasting programme.

Makomichi’s love herb is causing division among believers.

Sources says the late Moana Mitchelle Amuli was a beneficiary of Makomichi’s love muti.

On Sunday Makomichi was seen at his shrine distributing love charms to hundreds of women.

“I was out of the country for a fasting programme.
Sometimes it’s good to pray in different places especially during the festive season.

I’m back in town and ladies are taking the love charm like chocolate,” boasted Makomichi.

Some church leaders are sceptical of Makomichi’s decision to travel to Ghana for a fasting programme.

Isaac Makomichi