Karate Federation Keen To Establish Intact Structures
8 January 2021
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ZIMBABWE National Karate Federation (ZNKF) president Joe Rugwete says the tightened lockdown has given his organisation time to establish strong structures that will ensure the smooth running of the body when the situation eventually normalises.

ZNKF is now the major Olympic Sport Organisation for karate in the country following its registration by the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) last year.

ZNKF was formed to ensure compliance with statutes of the World Karate Federation (WKF), which bars its members from having sporting relationships with other karate associations that are not recognised by the WKF.

“We are taking advantage of non-activity to put our structures in place since an organisation is as strong as its structures. So, we are busy putting in place commissions such as the medical, referees, legal and technical commissions.

“A lot of work is being put into the commissions so that when physical activities are given the nod to resume, everyone knows what to do in order for the organisation to run efficiently.

“Basically, we are running virtual meetings and consultations, sourcing out relationships with regional and international bodies since we are a new organisation. We are not folding our arms, but doing a lot of work,” said Rugwete.

He added that one of their main priorities was setting up independent provincial structures that are not dictated to by the national executive.

“We do not want to force them or influence them to elect certain individuals. We want them to elect their own individuals, make a constitution and affiliate to the mother body. From there we will introduce provincial tournaments where we will have provincial squads that will go on to compete at inter-provincial level.” –Chronicle

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