Mnangagwa Is The Author Of Our Problems- President Chamisa
11 January 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|The selective application of the law by Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration is calculated to suppress the voice of the opposition, President Nelson Chamisa has said.

President Chamisa also accused the Zanu PF regime of plotting to use the deadly Coronavirus to eliminate political foes.

Read full statement below:

The arbitrary arrest of journalist Hopewell Chin’ono and Hon Job Sikhala represents dictatorial rule,severe abuse of power and an wanton attack on the rule of law.Persecution thru prosecution reflects the authoritarian tendencies of this dictatorship.

The regime is hell-bent on selective application of the law, with law being weaponised against political opponents and critics.These arrests on spurious charges during a severe pandemic are designed to expose political opponents to hazard.This is sadistic,heartless and abominable.

We know these are acts of provocation by the desperate who are taking citizens for granted.The regime mistakes citizens’ calmness for inability to defend themselves. Patience is not infinite.When you push an animal into a corner,with no respite it will have to come thorough you

We are a peace-loving people who are guided by the principles of peace and non-violent democratic expression.Young people are rightfully restless. It is become increasingly difficult to stand by while the regime picks and victimize citizens one by one like lambs to the slaughter.

We demand a stop to the scourge of arbitrary rule;to political persecution and weaponization of the law all of which are anathema to democratic practice &constitutionalism.We demand the release of all political prisoners. Restraint in the face of such provocation appears finite

The image of our country suffers with each arrest.The so-called ‘Second Republic’ has become a Banana Republic. The ill-treatment of opposition is such a disgrace.The regime likes to blame everyone for our country’s woes but it’s the principal author of our problems. No one can take us seriously with this behaviour.

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God bless you!

Advocate Nelson Chamisa

President Chamisa