BREAKING: ZBC Produces Video Of Extremely Thin Woman With Long Braids Saying She’s The 2nd Street Mum Of Lifeless-Baby Attacked By ZRP Cops…
12 January 2021
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The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation has produced a video of a woman claiming she is the mother of the visibly lifeless baby, seen in a viral video at Second Street, Harare last week Monday.

In the footage, an extremely thin woman dressed in an orange top, is seen claiming she is a said, Rebecca Musariri.

In the clip, she is heard not at all complaining about the last week attack, but defending the police saying no baton stick was ever used in the attack. Below are pictures of the woman which are compared to those from the incident.

The woman presented by ZBC Tuesday night is heard saying, “inini ndiri right, iye ndiri mupenyu, mwana ari right, uye mupenyu, ndini mai vemwana wenyaya iri kufamba pa social media, yekunzi inini ndakafa, pamwe chete nemwana.

“Glass ndorakawira ku mwana, neni wacho. Hapana akarohwa ne baton stick.”

The woman’s statement is contrasted to the original footage which shows her visibly angry to the point of physically manhandling a male police officer as a crowd keeps repeating that the cop has killed her son. The ZRP officially states that the officer had used a baton stick to smash a windscreen onto the child.


Screen print from original incident