FULL TEXT: ZACC Probe Team Descends On Private Laboratories Issuing Fake Test Results
26 January 2021
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1/4 Following recent press reports of a scam involving the issuance of fake COVID-19 test results by a local private laboratory testing centre, the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission has received reports implicating other testing centres.

2/4The Commission is highly concerned that this scam seems to be widespread and is derailing Government efforts to contain the pandemic. A ZACC crack team has been put in place to probe these reports in order to swiftly bring the culprits to book.

3/4The Commission would like to strongly warn the perpetrators of this corrupt practice that the long arm of the law will descend heavily on them. Related to this scam are reports of widespread theft of PPEs from Govt health institutions & selling of the stuff on the black market

4/4The Commission is closing in on the culprits who are soon going to be arraigned before the courts of law.

By Commissioner John Makamure ZACC Spokesperson