Guspy Warrior Pledges To Carry Chibaba’s Zimdance-hall Legacy On
27 February 2021
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By A Correspondent- Zimdance-hall musician, Guspy Warrior, said their music genre which was also performed by the late Soul Jah Love, continues to be the choice for the young, especially ghetto youths who have been given a form of expression and hope for a better future.

The music genre is most popular and synonymous with the youngsters in the country’s high-density suburbs now calling themselves Ghetto Youths and carries messages which challenge the status quo and at the same time speaking truth to power.

One of the musicians who perform the same genre, Guspy Warrior said they will continue to follow the music which also empowers them economically.

“This is a form of employment for us and all we have acquired in life is through dancehall music. We put food on our tables through music,” he said.
Zimdance-hall commands a huge following as evidenced by the historic send-off for the late Soul Jah Love at his burial.