LEAKED: Ziyambi Canceling 2023 Elections | FULL TEXT
27 February 2021
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By A Correspondent | London – ZimEye.com

  • Hwende has secretly approached Mwonzora for a deal to secure a car.
  • National Interests first.

By Memory Mbondiya(transcript): As soon as we open Parliament a new law is being passed that they will not be any byelections anymore.

So if people like Lilian Timveous come through, she will go straight for Amos Chibaya’s Mukoba constituency. She will be the MP for Mukoba with immediate effect.

So you need to move with speed and guess what, Hwende of all people went to negotiate with Mwonzora to say, “yes you took my seat, please make sure I do not lose my car.”

Lily let me tell you, people are so cunning I am telling you. So the issue of the car you should know that they are some hard cores who will pretend like they are staying with Nelson Chamisa, but negotiate with Mwonzora in silence. we will make an exception with these to say one two three four people have come back to MDC T, so on the issue of their cars you should let them off, so the lawyers should out everything on hold, the issue of harassing people concerning cars so it is something that you don’t have to worry. so you should now take effort to come and negotiate but as it stands I tell you already that they will not be an election at all.

Do you think that if we get 2023 even MDC T, is ready for an election? There is nothing like that, so, the situation is terrible my bhururu-friend. So we had a fruitful meeting. I think things are taking shape you just need to take a decision at the end of the day, to take a bold decision like: this is what I’m going to do, it’s about me and my family because every other person is looking out for themselves, because they are selfish people and the are negotiating behind-the-scenes you are left behind the scenes, so make a move my sister.

Listen well Lily, don’t relent at all, don’t fail to talk to Douglas Mwonzora because he said the most important thing people should not worry about positions in the party because we shall go to the ordinary Congress for now what we need to do is to secure a position in Parliament or in the Senate or in the government.

Once you have secured a position you will have even funds to enable you to campaign for the next stage of posts. But where we want to take the party forward is we want loads of positions that people can scamble for to win, rather than going to an election because we know if one person of such and such a faction, if they win the whole slate, isn’t it you know what happens at congress? The whole slate of that person is the one that enters. So sometimes it is not worth it so the most important thing is to secure your slate first and then you will fight for your position later. Which position? The one at the party level, but as of now, we are looking at national interests. Do you see now? Politics at the national level rather than at a party level so that is where we are. | FULL STORY ON WWW.ZIMEYE.COM