Rentals Now A Nightmare For Citizens
27 February 2021
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Zimbabwe urban house rentals now very expensive

The United Nations predicts that by 2050 ,seventy percent of the
population in Africa will be living in urban areas hence there will be many
challenges ,risks as well as opportunities which comes with the

All of a sudden the rentals in urban areas particularly in
Harare have become a nightmare.

Landlords/landladies should
charge affordable rentals as this will result in the positive development
for economic growth and stability.

The Estate Agents Council of Zimbabwe should play a fundamental
obligation to protect the citizens from unscrupulous landlords and bogus
agents who are robbing people daily.

We need to come up with realistic
valuation of rentals while contemplating on the vitally important factors.A
systematic approach must be implemented especially in Harare whereby
the government and the relevant stakeholders ought to set rental

The rentals prices are increasing every month
due to the greediness by landlords and lack of principles to be adhered.

that as it may, this exponentially rise in rentals is not triggered by the
shortage of the houses in Harare since many people are building their own

Most people are in dire situation because their disposable income is being
heavily eroded by the rentals and the cost of living is escalating on monthly

Lets have a collective engagement and consider the Rent Act in

Thousands and thousands of people are losing their hard
earned income through the illegal agents who are charging exorbitant
prices of 50usd before viewing a property and you will surely have the
shock of your life to discover a fowl run instead of an habitable
house.Eventually the search will end in vain and agony.

In some of the areas around Harare, the agents are teaming up with the
landlords and develop a strong rapport to an extent of obtaining a kickback
without the knowledge of the tenant for instance a full house in Southerton
might costs an average price of 300usd,the agent top up another 100usd
and equates at 400usd per month.

This unregistered agent will get 100usd
per month without the sweaty equity.

The registered estates agents have been cornered by the unlicensed
agents and the market is now congested.

Innovative young entrepreneurs
need to think outside the box and bring up a sophisticated and disruptive
system proposition which tracks illegal real estate agents to protect the
local property rental market.Uncounted real estate frauds cases are being
reported every day at police across Harare and other cities.

I am just a microphone of the innocent people who are wailing and grieving
without consolation.It is my utmost request for the relevant stakeholders to
take some steps towards the addressing of these problems.

This article was prepared by Noel Mavura.

He is the founder of an
Investment firm called Africa Investors Hub which funds innovative
entrepreneurs.He can be contacted on:

Email:[email protected]
Phone number:+442080898129